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If you decided to try skype sex with your girlfriend or a skype girl in this article i?ll tell you the main things about it.

Skype sex is a type of virtual sex where two people mutually masturbate to get sexually satisfied.

There are no strict rules about how to have skype sex. You just do what you like during the skype sex session.

 Most part of the sex shows in my practice consists of the customer showing his cock while stroking it and giving instructions to the skype girl, like what to show and what to do during the skype sex session.

Also some guys don?t switch their camera on, some are shy, others don?t want to show theirselves, others don?t have camera, and some are at work or in public places. That?s also possible and there is no problem about it.

The one thing which is important about how to have skype sex is that you are not rude. There are some submissive girls who like it, but mainly it?s not good to treat the skype girls bad.

So if you think about how to have skype sex just try it and I'm sure you will be totally satisfied with the experience.




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