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I talked to a guy yesterday and He asked me about poo shows. That?s the ones I regularly do. We set the time for today 10 am. Usually I take prepay for poo skype shows as I have to get prepared for the, such as to eat much in the evening to be sure I can give a huge load. But the guy didn?t answer my message about booking the show so I haven?t prepared myself, just decided to hold it till he comes online.

I was very busy in the morning with some affiliate programs I take part in, so I didn?t remember about the guy, but at 11 am He was there and asked for the show. I was ready and we started.

As I got to know He was a lover of licking and sucking his dirty cock after He has anal, so He was mainly interested in dirty anal and atm show.

I asked him if He wants me to poop before the skype sex show or during the skype sex show and He wanted to see it. He asked me to lay on my side and poop that way.

I gave him a huge load and also I pissed for him. He asked me to start with some dirty fingering which I did pleasantly. Also I sucked and licked my dirty scatty fingers. After that I did some anal with dildo and put the dirty dildo inside of my pussy and my mouth (atm).

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