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It was a regular Tuesday with no skype sex shows as it?s always on Tuesdays. I was sitting in front of my laptop reading news in social networks when somebody added me to skype.

I was asked if I do mum son role play and I thought that I would be a mom of some giy to play as his mum seduces him. So sure I said yes we can do it, I was also asked to talk a lot during skype sex show so we started a 15 minutes session.

I started telling the customer that I?m masturbating in my room and my son is watching me and masturbating too, but I was interrupted by a woman?s voice who told me the sun is supposed to wear pajamas.

Well, that's not a problem and I started to tell her about a little boy, about me sucking his tiny cock, touching his soft skin, making him naked?

Then I was asked to show how the sun fucks his mum with his little cock. I have a special little dildo for some shows, so I started fucking myself. But I was on period, so not deep inside, anyway I think she noticed.

The show ended in 5 minutes, I really hope the mummy cum :)








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