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This guy is from France, he is a businessman and has good money, he spends about 500$ weekly on skype cam girls. He has wife and kids and loves sex alot, but he doesn't like prostitutes because he has fear to get diseases from them.

He knows a lot of skype girls but he told some of them cheated him, took his money and blocked him on skype, so he looked for a professional skype cam girl to play regularly, who is online all the time. His timetable is very busy, so he calls me from his office, from his home and from abroad when he needs to go for business to other countries. He uses mobile for shows and needs also good connection from skype girl. So he found me and is very happy about it.

At the beginning of the skype sex show the guy didn't trust me, so he took just 10 minutes to be sure I'm a real skype cam girl. When the show started he was amazed by my beauty, politeness and professional attitude, so he immediately took another 30 minutes to have a real good sex skype play.

He loved sloth's amazing boobs and was surprised I was quite naked, only in my silk red robe with no underwear. As I do about 20-30 skype shows a day I don't wear any lingerie, because it's exhausting to put and take off it all the time. Also I suppose that guys like immediate action and it's not good to keep them waiting while they are horny.

The guy told me about France and Paris and asked me if I'd like to come to visit him. I've never been to Paris so I agreed and we started planning our sexy date. To get to know me better the guy purchased my whatsapp with phone number so we could talk, exchange sexy pictures and do sexy calls.

The French guy liked a lot that I'm smart and optimistic and nice to talk too so he also purchased online girlfriend service to have a special attentive attitude towards him.

During the skype sexy show the guy cum twice as he liked me very much. Now we talk a lot with him in whatsapp, snapchat and in skype, we are in touch almost every day.

So I want to say, that if you are busy and need to cum, I'm Anna the HappySloth always here for you to play, to chat and whatever.




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