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Today I will tell you about a skype sex show with an American nerd.

The guy is shy, very smart, he has no girlfriend and he is a very good programmer.

According to his preferences he loves beautiful feet, good manicure and pedicure. He is also a piss/pee skype sex show fan.

He never had a girlfriend as he considers them to be superficial, greedy and stupid. He played in skype with lots of skype cam girls but he thinks that good skype cam girls are crazy expensive and cheep ones are ugly, not professional and dump.

During a skype sex show he would like to talk about his work, but no skype cam girl knows coding. I have studied Python so I can talk about coding, that's why nerd guy was very happy he found me online in internet.

During the skype sex show  (he took 10 minutes with pee) he got immediately convinced that I'm the one he had been looking for.

We talked about coding, web design, seo, that's the things which I studied and the guy took immediately online girlfriend service to get to know me better and to be my online boyfriend.

In the show I also tasted pee, poured on myself, played with it, which made the nerd guy cum.

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