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Today I will tell you about one of my skype sex shows which was not too long ago.

An old guy who is already on pension took a two hours skype sex show with me, skype girl HappySloth. He wanted to cum badly.

What can i say about the guy? He is a very nice person. He told me that he loves sex very much and used to have it very often with lots of pretty girls. He lives in a pension house and nobody comes to see him, so he feels lonelly and depressed.

He still loves beautiful young girls with big boobs and plays with skype cam girls very often. He likes to see them naked and playing while he tells them about his youth, about war he took part in, about sex with beautiful women, about his life in whole. He also told me that he has a son and a daughter and they live far away from him. Also he told he has money, he is rich and likes to spend them on skype cam girls a lot.

Btw it was first time I've seen a cock pump and how it works!

Well, after a little chatting which he wanted we started the sex skype show. The problem was his cock couldn't get hard for 30 first minutes of the show. The guy was in his 70th or even 80th.

I tried to be very encouraging and polite with the guy, made a lot of compliments to him, talked about his body which really looked good for his age. I wanted to make him feel like he is young and handsome again. Then i started to talk dirty, called myself a slutty fuck doll and immediately his cock turned hard as a rock!

He started to rub his cock as it were the last skype sex show of his life. I kept talk dirty to him and finally he cum with a huge load.

The guy was very happy about the sex skype show because it usually takes him about an hour to make his cock hard, and me, Anna the HappySloth made him hard in only 30 minutes!

So dear guys, if you have any erection problems, I'm the one you need, as I have a perfect body and  beautiful face, I'm a good polite listener and no rush at all during my skype sex shows. I'm a professional dirty taker, see you in skype!



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