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Skyprivate.com is a web site which lets you have sex skype shows with skype girls.

The main advantage of skyprivate is that you can pay for the skype sex show per minute. It means you don't have to pay 20$ for 10 minutes show as it is usually set by cam girls on webcams (web cam sex sites). You just pay for the minutes you use and if for example you don't like the skype girl you choose, you just spend 1$ for the first minute of skype sexy show and don't loose money at all.

Also, skypricate is much more comfortable for a sexy skype show them webcams as the model is usually available and you can have the skype show the very moment you add her in skype. At the webcams it's usually not the same. Cam girls perform online and get tips so they could set a really expensive rate for a private or skype sex show as they go offline to give you a skype session.

On skyprivate the rates are stable, the skype girls set their prices per minute and you could have a skype sex show even without adding them to your skype contacts, the rate for the skype sex show is set and secure by skyprivate per minute system.

Also the advantage of skyprivate is that you can choose the girl according to your special requests. For example some of request are not alowed by webcams system and skyprivate lets you look for a skype girl which fits you even if your requests are taboo or not too often ones.

I should say also that it's possible to pay for shows on skyprivate with paysafe so you don't need to reveal your credit card information in internet, that's a really good thing to my opinion.

Also every skype girl on skyprivate has her own ratings, so have the customers and it's really easy to understand if the skype girl is good or not by looking at her profile.

And the last things I'd like to mention, is that by skype girl profile on skyprivate you can get to know if the model is online in skype at the moment and available for a show. Also by searching a skype girl on skyprivate you can set the system to show you onle the skype girls who are online, so you get the skype show in instance!


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